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A brief Malbec-fuelled contemplation on editing

Last night, while taking in this piece by NPR, I reflected on how the more I work with books, the more I realize that editing goes way beyond spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I mean, of course it does, but seriously, I don’t have enough years left on this planet to do everything I want to do in publishing. There’s so much involved! It’s exhilarating to consider exactly what goes into making a book come to life—from the author’s initial inspiration to the outline of a manuscript to the printed result in the reader’s hands. I find it particularly sweet that once it’s out there in the world, that book has a life of its own. It’s more than a product; it’s an actual living thing that touches other lives to one degree or another.



July saunters lazily towards August, perfectly ripe with the season, and well past the fresh exhilaration of June. Today, there’s a languid, sultry feel in the air, and it whispers with quiet insistence to savour that which is all too fleeting.Image

Don’t Abuse Quotation Marks!

Using quotation marks in your narrative should usually be restricted to depicting dialogue, or to attribute an unusually special significance—and even in the case of special significance, it should be used very sparingly, lest the quotations lose their power from overuse. 

When I read a manuscript where quotation marks are over-used, I get the impression that the author is someone who uses air quotes a great deal when speaking.

Words are words. They have their own significance, and that significance is strong enough to stand on its own, if it’s the correct word. The power should be inherent in that carefully-chosen word. Let it be what it is without having to dress it up.

Alcuin Society’s 41 best-looking books of 2012

Alcuin Society’s 41 best-looking books of 2012

Elvis Costello: Every Day I Write the Book.

Writer, editor, publishing pro and IRL friend Megan Radford (@MeganRadford on Twitter) mentioned this song today online. Took me way back to the ’80s. Because, you know, I like to date myself. I always dug this song.

Ted Talk on Book Design: Chip Kidd, Designer for Knopf.

“The book cover should be a haiku of the story.”

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