Books I’ve Published in the Last Year: Mushrooms of Autumn

by Renée Layberry

Books I've Published in the Last Year: Mushrooms of Autumn

Ah, Don Gardner—one of my all-time favourite self-published authors. This man has a great heart and a fantastic sense of humoor. He took the cover image himself over 40 years ago and rocked my world when he submitted it. And how could I not love a book synopsis like this:

“The saga begins when our heroine is ten years old and naïve. Forty-three years later, Glory Anne Grimes is still naïve and proved to be a slow learner. Angel Peters and Michele Dionne, being at opposite ends of the spiritual and moral spectrum, have a polarizing effect on Glory Anne. She considers herself somewhere between them, and throughout these years is pulled from one extreme to the other searching for a deeper relationship with God, while yielding to lust amid her Catholic fidelity instilled in childhood.”

Scandalous good times from a robust, good-humoured and engaging author.