Books I’ve Published in the Last Year: True Calling by P.R. Slimko.

by Renée Layberry


Books I've Published in the Last Year: True Calling by P.R. Slimko.

True Calling was one of my all-time favorite authors and projects. How could I be anything less than excited to produce a book by a kick-ass bodybuilder with a heart of gold? Working with her while she was encouraged by her husband, a NASA engineer, was a blast. Her book was released at around the same time that Curiosity landed on Mars, so you can imagine that it was wild times for this power couple. Producing this book was a family affair all the way, because her son (yes, she has a grown son in his twenties, though you’d never know it from looking at this gorgeous woman!) did a professional and thorough editing of the manuscript.

To sweeten the deal, P.R., her mother, and husband took a cross-country train trip from Toronto to Victoria and came into the office to meet us before returning to their home in California. Seriously, this was one of the major highlights of my time with FriesenPress.

P.R. Slimko knew what she wanted right from the start, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if this book became a blockbuster movie. Authors like this are what make me feel proud of what I can do. I’m thrilled to call this gifted and motivated author a soul sister and friend.