Books I’ve Published in the Last Year: Good For One Ride

by Renée Layberry

Books I've Published in the Last Year: Good For One Ride

This was one of my earliest projects. Theo McGarry, a soft-spoken Vietnam Vet, wanted to work through his memories of the war through writing. It was an excruciating process for him as he suffers from PTSD, and definitely had his good days and bad days. Producing a book can be painstaking, tedious, and repetitive work, but his good nature and attention to detail prevailed. This wasn’t a book driven by ambition; this was a project meant for catharsis.

It was important to Theo that the spotlight was on the story and not on himself, so he chose a simple cover without including an author photo on the back. He wanted his cover design to suggest something of the fragmentation that he had lived with as a result of the trauma he’d survived. This book was a reminder to me that everyone has a story to tell, and that by listening to the story behind the story, we all connect to one another that much more as fellow human beings.